​​​​1. Patented Trademarked idle stop technology (IST) saves

fuel by shutting engine while stopped in traffic or at a light 

2. Patented Trademarked Electric launch assist ... (ELA)

3. Test mule chassis Hybrid-Electric proof of concept


4. Dukester vocational utility and commuter electric car

with optional hybrid-electric ​range extender powered

by a natural gas, propane, gasoline or diesel generator 

5. Patented Trademarked Metroking wheelchair accessible

    ADA compliant for-hire vehicle NHTSA crash testing and

    New York State DOT Approved based on GM the Colorado

6. AC Induction AFTCO-100 Hi-Output electric motor

     for Electric and Hybrid Propulsion vehicles

7. Hydro Tidal electric generator barge the helical turbines

    under the vessel rotate forced by the tides or river stream

    and with generators inboard batteries store electric to be 

    used as needed by nearby utility lines or purpose built for

    to support specific projects and variable accomodations


​​8. CNG conversions from gasoline to Natural Gas and Bi-Fuel, taxicabs, school buses, postal trucks, UPS etc.