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Thank you for your interest in financing your collector car with Woodside Credit. You can apply for credit to purchase a collector car, finance a recent cash

purchase, re-finance an existing collector car loan or request to be pre-approved for a future purchase by requesting a specific amount and payment term.

Please regarding credit requirement questions  call 1-(800) 717-5180 to speak with a loan consultant.

Please take a few minutes to download and complete the application, from our website making sure to fill in all of the required fields (*).

Once we receive your application, we will process it and respond promptly. Thank you!

Woodside Credit
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Phone: (800)717-5180
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Business Hours
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URL: www.woodsidecredit.com

Putnam Leasing - Drive Away Your Dream

Contact Mike Hudson 1-508-367-5669

While your own bank or other resources may be available to secure your purchase we would like to

introduce LEASING  who have been a great source for collector car financing to the industry.

NOTE: Metroking Motors LLC. is not affiliated or in any way connected with these leasing companies, 

this is intended to serve as an introduction to a well respected source of car funding. 

Since 1983, Putnam Leasing has been designing leases for drivers who ultimately want to own their cars. As a result, there are many term, residual and payment options available.

Unlike the traditional manufacturer based lease programs, our residual value options are based on our expectation of the vehicles wholesale or trade in value of the car at the end

of the lease term. With a Putnam lease we make it easy for our clients to keep driving the car of their dreams.

At Putnam Leasing, we can provide leases for new and used cars alike. We are not model year driven. Whether it's the latest car from Italy, England or that old German collectible

you've had your heart set on we can be there for you with our unique leasing programs.

Putnam's leases are as unique and as individual as the clients who request them. Rarely are two leases structured alike. Each and every lease is designed for that particular client's needs.

At Putnam, your lease is our most important lease.

Putnam Leasing can provide leasing alternatives for vehicles ranging in price from $50,000 to $1,000,000 with lease terms from 24 to 84 months in duration.

Putnam leases offer unheard of levels in flexibility. Early termination and substitutions of collaterals are welcomed without penalty. With a Putnam lease the customer is always right and in the right vehicle.

For General Information info@putnamleasing.com / For Existing Clients customersupport@putnamleasing.com  /

For a Lease Quote quote@putnamleasing.com

Putnam Leasing Company, LLC
500 West Putnam Ave., Fourth Floor
Greenwich, CT 06830

888-995-5800 West Coast | 800-278-0071 East Coast